Stray Dogs I knew Kagura would throw Sogo. Finally read the last couple chapters yesterday. OST has been better than expected, and lets hope the animation quality doesnt go down again like the previous arcs. Gorilla mangaka ran off into a forest. Xyros; make sure to label and spoiler tag it as such: His sword was ridiculously frail though: Whats with the parasitic like characters these days? Of course, one of the onigiri kunai has a surprise in it.

Chapter heheh Sakamto the spit translator. Safety line on neck. Face covered with that 18 sign haha. Farewell, Buddy hehe Nomube! Anyways, popularity poll results: But that was mediocre to OK at best depending on the episode. Gintama Season 3 Episode — Human or Demon? I haven’t watched enough to know, Bold http:

Takasugi’s subs do have quirks, so it’d be nice to see them more fleshed out.

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I wouldn’t blame Otae for blushing that much. I think he is the strongest human shown, but to be fair. Last farewells and meeting with remaining heroes in Edo. Well, here’s the link: Fine chapter that set up the next serious arc, I kisswnime dont like how Sorachi has the Oda syndrome in making female faces way too similar, I mistook Matako with Kagura when she got angry. Tamed and spat at Zura, bahahaha.


Siblings going all out on each other.

Poop negotiations, the future way of diplomacy! Give it to Sorachi to fit humor in where it doesn’t belong: Sougo is really cruel and a crazy sadist hahah. Gintoki just tanked a full on hard punch from Kamui to the face, like wtf is Sorachi doing. Can’t remember his name either hahah. I just had to stop by and say how beastly the Assassination Arc in the anime is.

Weird ending Does this chapter confirm Zura is actually the strongest human in the series? Or Worcestershire sauce since others were using it earlier. Chapter Up to Gintoki now Kamui!!! I would’ve liked to see gun girl’s story but the pedo feminist guy can stay as is for me, gjntama comedy relief and I don’t want some half assed backstory to explain his quirk and ruin it.

I think I already know what Sarutobi’s bento would be like haha. That episode was good, Gin’s non high school girl voice was annoying though. Maybe it only happened in the anime but eposode the Jiraiya arc a few ninja girls get killed right in front of Gintoki but in the end the cast says no one died: Something hanging from crotch and got rid of it I watched spisode 50, 51 and I really hate Kamui, never understand why people like him.


I like the manly Hyakka. I had a nothing summer too.

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While it will get Nobume to get character development, I feel its recycled with the other Gintama girls, the last good backstory that a Gintama girl had was Mutsus imo. I just love how everyone quickly becomes themselves again. Gin creating his own codes, love it. Blaming Tendoushuu since they control the gates. Doesn’t seem that way. This got updated after the anime showed that nobume has a butterfly tattoo?

More epicness on the way! Neko no ketsu no ana! Does gender even apply to old hags? But, Gin and Katsura really do have a heart for their subs, Takasugi doesn’t seem to operate that way, which is a damn shame.

Bahahah Sachan in a giant envelope. Oh yeah, forgot his name was Saigou.