I traveled thousands of kilometers. Manu Dibango and Ceddo’s Transatlantic Soundscape. You find that there is something within that simplicity. For example the national production and distribution company, whose president was Korka Sow, who established the basis of these films, was dissolved by the government. Though the charismatic and brilliant union spokesman, Ibrahima Bakayoko, is the most central figure, the novel has no true hero except the community itself, which bands together in the face of hardship and oppression to assert their rights. But they knew that it was up to the women to decide that, they could not, and the only thing they could do was to all go to war.

Farba Kaba Jaraff Serer countries. That can happen quickly, or drag on. But they know all the techniques. In my family, I was the first to go to school. The film has to move forward. But what led me to the cinema is that it goes further than the book, further than poetry, further than theater. I like his shop and, imagining myself the merchant as I prepare my script, I hang as many guns or whatever as I like all over the place.

I always told myself that it is through contact with others that I would be formed. I could dream, idealize a decoration, a feature, or a landscape, but when I am there, I have to acknowledge that the condition of the place has changed. I have an idea, something that inspires me, and I work on the point, deepen it, and expand it, to create a different reality.

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You mean the choice of playing a soldier in Emitai was purely the result of an accident? This page was last edited on 12 Septemberat All the rest interests me less and less—I do not say that by pedantry. Between Emitai and Xala, we see the two phases of a struggle: One must lead by example so that people can get on gguelewar it themselves! I think I would go as far to say that we will have to go back and see some of the silent films and in that way gjelewar a new inspiration. We witness the arrival of two foreign elements.


In any case, what is important now is not how I approached cinema at the time. How do I find my ideas?

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During the s, you lived in France. The others [his staff at Filmi Doomireew] showed some films on 25, 26, and 27 [November ] while I was in Cameroon.

Have these films been depreciated in Senegal? I think that we need to explore the inner workings of the family, and in this film we have four generations tied together: France, Italy, England, Germany divided and shared Africa. Does the African premiere of Ceddo in Kinshasa represent something special? If not, it will only distribute Senegalese films in driblets.

I like his shop and, imagining myself the merchant as I prepare my script, I hang as many guns or whatever as I like all over the place. But were the choices for first and last story deliberate?

Are they the pillars of your team? But our concern is to see our problems from inside; we will see and we will hand the results of our research to the press. He has, in the name of humanity, participated in all the peacekeeping forces.

How can the situation be improved? We must ask ourselves guelwear question. Each people needs its own rituals. But where do you find your stories? You have fought at the dock in Marseille, during the Indo-China war; you senegxl actively participated in the demonstrations against the colonial war in Algeria and you were in the ranks during the Korean War. The film continues to run in Senegal with these ten amputations, and people go to see it and fill in the cuts for themselves.


Literature can only touch a few people, but cinema goes further. Liberalism will never replace communism. Out of the fifty-odd African countries, today more than thirty- eight practice the excision.

I wanted to say accidents. What do you currently think of a man like Rouch? Cheikh Anta Diop, in his book with which I agree, shows that all civilizations originate from the Egypt of the Pharaohs, which was a black civilization.

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We are a chosen land. At the moment, we are trying to find a means of resolving this guelfwar. Maybe I will be able to show African filmmakers, the younger ones, that we can create everything we need within the continent. The Wolof resisted for a while and then surrendered. Serer language, culture, religion and tradition also prevailed in Sine and Saloum not Mandinka.

Apparently these cuts were ten in number. Later Wolof-language films include Xalabased on his own novelCeddoCamp de Thiaroyeand Guelwaar