Bedrock Doors prank 2 “. Team Canada played through the map in Minecraft 1. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 9″ VintageBeef: Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 7″ VintageBeef: Placing the brown wool, and iron and gold blocks Working their way through Valley of Thunder, obtaining the blue wool. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 13″ VintageBeef: Team Super Productive” VintageBeef: Gathering wood, building a platform Making barrels, collecting dirt.

Finding the third intersection, obtaining and placing the pink wool Conquering Unholy Marshlands, obtaining the lime green wool. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 35″ VintageBeef: The trio played through the map in Minecraft 1. Exploring the nether ceiling, fighting a wither. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 18″ VintageBeef: Finding cactus in the floor of the nether, completing the diamond monument.

Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 21″ VintageBeef: Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 13″ VintageBeef: Local Brewery Looking for obtainable achievements and chests. Fun House Prank” VintageBeef: Death On Arrival” PauseUnpause: Beaconator Eisode in gold blocks, completing the beacon, looking for how to get the Adventuring Time achievement.

Team Canada – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

Afterwards, Pause wanted to form Team Canada to execute pranks with Beef as a team. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 10″ VintageBeef: Need Iron Faster” VintageBeef: Based on the vanilla “SkyBlock” map series, players start in a void world with only one tree.


Continuing through Rage Piglet Citadel, obtaining the red wool Collecting stronger items. Bedrock Doors prank 2 “. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 17” VintageBeef: Attempting to take down the Tower of Light, dying often, obtaining the magenta wool. This page was last modified on 4 Julyat From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki.

Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 12″ VintageBeef: Team Canada played through the map in Minecraft 1.

Minecraft – Uncharted Territory: Episode 2

Placing the orange wool, navigating Mistwood Entering the Ruins of Old. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 24″ VintageBeef: Entering the End, fighting the Ender Dragon.

Overpowered, Enchanter, Sniper Dual Completing the gold and emerald monuments. The Unxharted of Pranking” PauseUnpause: Sky Shrooms Part 3 ” witness Guude: Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 20″ VintageBeef: Beef farms potatoes, Pause farms trees and sieves dirt, Etho works on the cobble generator Finding Etho’s grave from episode 5. Working through Losing Your Marbles, obtaining and placing the light gray wool.

Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 33″ VintageBeef: Starting From Nothing” PauseUnpause: Sky Shrooms Part 2 ” PauseUnpause: The trio played the map expecting it to be a CTM map. Showing work done off camera Continuing through Wildfire Cavern. Snow, hockey, moose and Tim Hortons.


Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 18″ VintageBeef: Placing the white wool, conquering Mycelium Mines, obtaining the yellow wool. Pause and Beef had cooperated to execute Pause’s prank on Guude.

The modpack is played in Minecraft 1. Practice battling Exiel, obtaining the white wool Entering the Land of Meer, placing the white wool on the monument. Crafting a beacon, farming ender pearls, trying to teleport through the End gateway.

Collecting and placing the cyan wool, finding the fourth intersection Enchanting, looking at Losing Your Marbles. Uncharted Territory 3 – Episode 36″ VintageBeef: Their collaborations continued after Etho’s departure from Mindcrack on 3 April Return to Sender Completing the blue monument, chaos in the nether, trying to get Sniper Duel.

Champion Pearl Tossers” PauseUnpause: Tools For Fools” VintageBeef: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Continuing through Alchemical Stronghold, obtaining the gray wool Enchanting. Noise machines above the bedrock ceiling of the Nether.