I’m just gonna believe that and hope for the best! If you leave your house empty for too long, a new owner might come over to live in it. The whole sonic speed gestation period never cease to amaze me, its worth ignoring ands so typical k-drama style. GoodDrama for your Android devices – free download. Watch Episode 4 Sub. And where is Wang Yu during all this? She was about to call his name but the floor opened up, causing her to die in an instant. Ta-hwan took his seat and told the others to do the same before asking for the edict.

Governor Bayan questioned the 3 archaic positions which had been abolished a long time ago. However, the two people end up being dragged to the border areas and they separated in tears. Prince Maha was with the Empress Dowager, eating heartily as he was being fed by the Empress Dowager. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Posted 23 November – Now, what were you thinking?! Yeon-hwa approached Byung-soo first this time and he was so happy to see her. He could read now!!!

She saw it all in her eyes, laughing and jeering at her, although she had nothing to prove it. My friends and my little Star, are your watching? She demanded to meet Yoo but Jeokho advised her against it since Yoo had so many things going on in his head.

Nice introduction line, Baby Emperor. Posted 22 November – Alone in his office, Regent Bayan was reminded of his earlier discussion with the Empress Dowager whose every word seemed to make sense. Seung-nyang took a brief glance at Yoo before greeting Yeon-chul. Now excuse me while I go re-watch The King 2 Hearts to wipe this out of my brain.

Ta-hwan looked at Yoo and nodded, giving her his permission. Epidode Episode 37 Sub. Watch Episode 51 Sub. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: She thought that the Dowager came there to send her with glee, but Empress Dowager was actually coming to fetch the seal.


The same Star a. Oh well, I had high hopes for this drama. I would love that. The comment was so funny.

As the Empress Dowager witnessed the scene, it dawned on her that Sungnyang was the celebrated and unbeatable hero. Watch Episode 9 Sub.

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Lady Ki looked at Ayu lovingly and vowed to protect him with all her might, unlike what happened to his older brother, Star. Wang Yu and his men talked about the way things turned out to be. All those weeks or has it already been months? I have this weird feeling that the person behind the counterfeit issue is Wang Go. Watch Episode 44 Sub. They must gooddrama living in the speed generation excluding lady park! Watch Episode 6 Sub. Wang Yu and Sungnyang glanced at each other which Ta-hwan noticed, immediately putting him in a sour mood.

She requested Wang Yu to help her be an Empress hooddrama that her son would be the crown prince and, ultimately, emperor.

The Dowager suggested that the assembly cast their votes for the matter too, and they all agreed to do so. Instead to me, it looks like she was sad that she will never see Wang Yu again.

Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. Live All right reserved. Watch Episode 21 Sub. Gaaahhh, he was willing to die rather than living like the old man.

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Watch Episode 30 Sub. If you leave your house empty for too long, a new owner might come over to live in it. Finally, he asked her to forgive him for being presumptuous but he knew that even if Sungnyang was wise, she was still naive about the nature of power.


Kki then…Ta-hwan made progress with his battle with Yeon-chul! Skip to content Life is all about choices but we tend to forget that regret is also a part of the choices we make. TaHwan She’s not like sad because the baby died but she is sad because she doesn’t want a EL Temur bloodline in emperor’s line.

Lady Ki soon arrived and asked if he came-up with a list already. Hong-dan admired the rare ginseng and noticed a letter secretly hidden inside. She tried her best to contain her emotions while Ta-hwan shot an unfathomable glance towards her. SN tried to hold it together and so did WY but they both cried. Looks like the novelization narrative of Empress Ki is finally aligning a bit with the drama.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Tanashiri threw the bowl at the Emperor which startled everyone. I am so happy that TH is finally growing up. Later that night, Court Lady Seo heard her crying and Tanashiri was missing her baby. The governors were wary and Ta-hwan thought that they might had done the same thing when his late father was sitting on the throne.

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