Julia managed the best overall reproduction of the cake and its garnishes. The Red Team were sent into their first elimination challenge. A producer from Shine Australia has told The Telegraph: Alice was informed that, should she use her Immunity Pin, Beau would take her place in the following day’s Pressure Test. The judges couldn’t find fault with Ben’s dish: Matt and Filippo were the bottom two, but despite some errors, it was Matt’s undercooked lamb that sealed his elimination. The latter was eliminated due to this key flaw.

A little smart mouthing by the girls, a bit too much posturing from the boys does not really make for good-natured bantering that the show was aiming for scary thought: The only exemptions to these clauses are reserved for those who have either worked in food service, or for very rudimentary food preparation such as sandwich making and fast food restaurants. Business Hello Harry opens at Stockland Birtinya. Beau produced the best overall dish, receiving no criticism whatsoever. Andy’s lacked visual balance due to the size of his tuna portion, but scored in taste. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

In a challenge set by Matt Moran, the ten contestants had to fillet and bone a salmon and produce a dish of their choice. Pressure Test 4 – Wade, Emma and Filippo had to recreate Gary’s Quiche Lorraine without the aid of a recipe, and create an accompanying salad. MasterChef airs Sundays at 7.

More Stories Tricky turkey sends TK home Dessert goes pear shaped for Kath Msaterchef too much for teen cook Kevin keen to improve stadium grub Tregan keen to make dreams reality Andrew’s luck in the kitchen runs out Show More. Wade, Alice and Ben produced the least impressive dishes.

Part 3 – The remaining contestants were given the choice to compete for one of five spots in the Top 24, with elimination as the result should they fail. Matt Moran acted as a mentor to the contestant team. The teams had to produce four dishes to serve at an afternoon tea at Launceston ‘s Cataract Gorge for guests, who would vote for their favourite. Instead sesson finding really good amateur chefs, they just found the right mix of nationalities. Alice’s was chosen, awarding her an Immunity Pin.

Elimination Challenge 7 – The eight losing contestants had their pick from ingredients, with a catch: Green’s choice to put a sugar box on the top didn’t pay off, as it was too big and clumsy. Elimination Challenge 3 – In the first part of the elimination, contestants had to correctly name 10 different kinds of poultry.


Both Mindy and Kylie had masterchec kitchen performances, but Mindy’s mushrooms were undercooked and Kylie’s parfait had curdled due to a host of technical errors. This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat It came down to Audra, whose dish disappointed the judges for not showing enough technique, and Mindy, who had drastically undercooked her fillet of barramundi. The biggest flaw in Wade’s quiche was undercooked pastry, and his salad was deemed “careless”.

Their dishes earned praise from the judges, especially Ben’s scallop main, but were criticised for their dessert.

Teams picked up ingredients on behalf of OzHarvest and created their menu from what was available. Dalvinder, a mother of three, was cooking a lot of north Indian food on the show before she got eliminated.

Dalvinder – 2012 MasterChef Top 24 Contestant

Environment Noosa River’s health for marine sub-species a major concern. The top four consisted of Audra, Andrew, Debra and Mindy, with Audra pronounced the winner thanks to her elegant dish of pork belly over noodles.

44 by keyword Search by location Search by category Add your business. In the 2nd round, the contestants were given four hours to prepare the dishes with the best being voted by the villagers and the rest decided by Gary and George. Julia’s dish was criticized for sounding like a main course, but was very well-received overall despite lacking punch of flavour.

In episode after episode she has struggled badly making basic cooking mistakes. Ben completed the challenge first and chose to make Pici again in the 2nd round. Kevin’s Cider Can Chicken was the dish of the day, giving dwlvinder automatic entry into the Top 24, while the twelve contestants who impressed the judges the most moved on to challenge for six Top 24 spots.

Celebrity chef Antonio Carluccio judged the challenge, which took place over two rounds. Main – Adlvinder and Julia were given 90 minutes to cook their own interpretation of “Australia’s National Dish”. In the second round, the remaining contestants were given only 10 minutes to create a dish.

I had to put the mixture in this gas bottle and I was supposed to shake it up. There was no losing team.

Wade’s simple sprout salad was deemed the best and he was instantly pronounced safe, followed by Audra and Debra. Andy’s lacked visual balance due to the size of his tuna portion, but scored in taste.


Retrieved 30 April Sam and Amina, who had the longest cooking times, produced the Top 2 dishes of the day but Sam’s slightly overcooked salmon gave Amina the shot at immunity.

Elimination Challenge 4 – The Elimination Challenge in Stanley began with a Skills Test — the contestants having to cook the perfect medium rare steak.

Alice was second, choosing the Antipasti. Stein was impressed with most team’s ability to encapsulate the essence of their given country’s cuisine, but it was Team Morocco Jules, Alice and Tregan who won the opportunity to cook for immunity.

Offsite Challenge 9 – The hopefuls had to cook a French dessert in an hour with free run of the pantry. In the first round, using 8 ingredients, Andy, Amina and Mindy were pronounced safe. Given botargo to create a United Kingdom-inspired dish, Andrew, Dalvinder and Audra struggled with the unfamiliar ingredient and fell into the Bottom 3 and a Pressure Test.

Emma’s effort was deemed the best overall; with the creamiest custard, the flakiest pastry and the best salad, she was the first pronounced safe.

After their expedition, the teams went to the Villa Aurelia where they had 90 minutes to cook, with Chef Massimo Bottura as a guest judge. Retrieved 20 July Audra produced the best replica overall and was the first declared safe.

Alice was informed that, should she use her Immunity Pin, Beau would take her place in the following day’s Pressure Test. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

dalvinder dhami – Quarter Plate

Sunday Challenge 4 – In the Mystery Box sesaon, contestants were given a single egg and asked to make it the hero of their dish. Andy, Mindy and Audra excelled with their dishes, mostly compiled from leftovers.

The strategy was simple: The mum-of-three went from a front runner to the latest contestant eliminated from MasterChef in just one night.

With two hours on the clock, contestants struggled with the many technical components of the three-hatted dessert. MasterChef Australia, 9pm, Star World.