Election Day is seven days away! And what is bad for America is bad for Jews. And to the great news of the week. Well, we wanted to release a statement about it using a PR service. So we just need to make sure all freedom-loving patriots turn out to vote! See Below The reason I continue to bring up media bias or hyper-partisan gerrymandering or the power of the Old Guard is that I really still believe that American Citizens ought to still have the ability to choose their representatives. Enjoy an evening with like-minded, constitution-loving patriots so we can maximize our efforts in the General.

And to the great news of the week. It is a major reason why I left the Democratic Party. National Democrats are targeting this race so liberal money is flowing in from around the country. It scares the heck out of us that Nancy Pelosi could get another ally…from right here in Central Texas. He has worked hard all year to earn votes across the district and he has focused on substantive issues. Chip Roy Pledge Your Vote! I have to run out Early Voting starts today, but just wanted to take a moment and share the sort of Magnification we are able to do with this one campaign.

And hates Jews as much as Adolf Hitler. The Light always conquers Darkness. I will always choose Freedom and Liberty. And as each day goes by, more and more people are seeing what we have already seen. In Congress, Van Drew will do as he is told, just as he has done for 16 years in Trenton. My Democratic opponent for Congress and a Democratic councilman from Atlantic City were invited to speak, but not a single Republican official.

Enjoy an evening with like-minded, constitution-loving patriots so we can maximize our efforts in the General.

We can win back this seat, prove that we still can make lu,iere different, return a woman back to our federal delegation, elect the first American of Asian descent from Maryland to Congress, champion conservative principles, you take your pick!

Election Day is seven days away! And we need your help!

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Thursday, September 22nd 4: Donate Now View this email in your browser. The national media gave them what they wanted by giving them wall to wall national news coverage. Please please please lend us a hand. This week, we received another major endorsement and it shows yet again the stark contrast in this race.


Unfortunately, there are some mentally unbalanced people who are not our friends. Thirty years ago, Democrats demanded the enforcement of immigration laws because they wanted higher wages and lower taxes for Americans.

So we need your urgent help to make sure voters know the clear difference. This race is a clear contrast between a strong conservative and a liberal Democrat. Democrats will spend freely to attack me with lies.

The radical left began the violence in back in when it began its campaign to destroy all Confederate Civil War statues in the South, including the year old statue of Robert E.

Yesterday, dozens of people responded to my calls and emails. So, this election for me is total vindication to all those people in Montgomery County who said I was too privileged and too educated to be the first Black woman elected to the Maryland State House from the county.

Wanted to give you a little sense of the energy on the ground. Personally, this article is rather poignant for everyone in the middle. However, if Republicans like Dennis Levinson, Chris Brown, or I were permitted to join the conversation, we would bring up inconvenient truths like this:.

Bring a friend or two as well if you can, and a good book for the line. Since there has not been a single American of Asian descent elected to Congress from Maryland, I would czrtaz the first. Too many ridicule and despise them. Thanks again, Carrah Roy P. Republicans work to solve problems so that more people are happy, prosperous and independent. Even though I left inI identify wholeheartedly with the mindset and the heartbreak that fellow former dems have expressed throughout this past year.

This next Video is what I shot of the speech done by the founder of the movement Brandon Straka, the Unsilent Majority. Through social media posts by his radical left campaign staff, NewVanDrew is just now openly saying what he plans to do if he goes wm Congress and gives those DC Democrats control. Louis Farrakhan is a Democrat.


Thank you for investing in us. None of this was spontaneous. Call our office or respond back to this email to get one today!

Donald Trump and the overwhelming majority of those who support him, are strong and reliable friends of Jews and of Israel. It was normal for Jews to be beaten and murdered just for being Jews in most of the world for nearly 2, years.

I support giving Border Patrol agents everything they need to keep us safe. He supports those in the radical left who fjlmes every woman is always a victim, never lies, never is mistaken, and that every man is always toxic, aggressive, and dishonest.

Before the extreme partisan gerrymandering inDistrict 2 was represented by strong, pragmatic republicans.

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Yes, there were obstacles and prejudice. Would you please take a few seconds to pledge your vote? Confronting Republican Senators and Members of Congress and family, in restaurants. E higher percentage of Democrats have voted in our district so Republicans need your help to keep Texas red. Maxine Waters is a Democrat.

If so respond to csrtaz email or call the office at I have good news and bad news. Without your hard work and heroic financial contributions, we would not have the momentum we have now. They are no longer a Christian friendly party, and yes, me and countless more Marylanders, are learning that we are actually conservatives NOT progressives.

I support health care freedom.

Big Money can prop up just about anyone I suppose. We just need more funds to get to the voters. They have deliberately NOT covered this race! It was all planned, organized and paid for by Democrats.