But, wait the nice shiny hair and yeah, the suit. June 9, at 2: Yes, I remember when you brought up his way of walking. Oh no, no no no haha You’re not the only one. What a great first episode! I’m glad she’s not the typical cutesy, annoying, baby voiced, k-drama heroine.

The cold calculated beating in this episode was scary though XD I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode. This was a perfect opportunity for the drama to make that connection, but it did not. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Shunji dashes off to check up on his suspicions. Kang-to is presented to the count, and the two rebels avert their faces, hoping to escape the encounter unrecognized.

Bridal Mask E4

Kang-to enters the battle with his sword and charges, screaming furiously. Who else needs killing? You’ll have to watch it to understand dramacarzy love it all: I believe this drama will be epic.

You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Damsari has now become a mere caricature of his old self we loved in Episode 1, while writers debate what to do with Mokdan, the third wheel dramarcazy the ensemble.

They can get downright ugly [characteristically, not physically, if that makes any sense] in their facial expressions or have Mok Dan’s spit hanging off their faces or have fifty dramacrazyy bruises and cuts on their faces and not care how they appear. The whole drama revolves around him living a double life as the Japanese police officer and as bridal mask helping Korean freedom fighters fight off the Japanese, fight off Kishokai, and to kick them out off Korea; to become independent.


Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. We will all be in a bad mental state tomorrow. K calls him a episde one — did you think you could get away this time too. Kang-to chose to side with the Japanese even when they are trying to acquire his own country. We open on a funeral procession, with the chyron identifying this time as the Japanese occupation. I don’t know, but all of the talk just made me feel like she was the one to go.

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Because he knows in his heart that Shunji has been a good friend to him. The vicious criminal Mok Damasri has been caught. I am hoping for a fake out tomorrow at the beginning of the drama, but probably not cause the episode is only an hour long and they probably have to move it along but I want Kang-To and Mok-Dan married just in case they do something crazy like i don’t know kill everybody like in Harry Potter What we’re watching by DB Staff.

I would like to see:. June 9, at 3: I was practically wailing last nite at Kangto-Shunji sparring. Reporter Song addresses the crowd, telling him that they are the Dong-jin Death Squad. We need to send a petition to Bird PD-nim. This is a good background story for character development. There are a lot of hotties in this show. We knew he loved her, but still, for him to put his heart out like that and be rejected and insulted at the same time, was hard to watch.


Dramacgazy and Girlfriday should put a hotline for us tomorrow so we can give strength to each other! I wonder if Rie will have a role in his demise Screencap of only Joo Won.

Choi is there yelling out orders to find them i guess cuz that isnt korean he is speaking. You will receive a link to create a new hridal via email.

June 11, at 7: But when I see him acted vulnerable like this, My simpathy for him has increase, I become so scare that I realized actually Brudal haven’t prepared yet. But then, a hand hurls a rock. She should take them herself! Mighty painful memories, to be sure. He was an awesome fighter.

You want to harbor episodf hope in him, at the same time that you want to make him drop the delusion and see the light. Kim Eung Soo Supporting Cast.

So when Lala excuses herself, he grabs her close, playboy mode on. A war episide bad, no matter how hard we try to justify it.