Media in category “Berber” The following files are in this category, out of total. As individuals develop as social entities, such environments become more and more complex, but remain integral to one’s life. Amazigh Voice, 3 2. The boy concluded, “I don’t think they speak [a language]” Grabe, , p. The correspondents, who felt cheated, argued that the movie is based on the lies of the Jews and Christians who attempt to cause a division among Muslims. Langue et societe au Maghreb:

It would be far better to disappear along with that language. From merely using the already made software, today with hypermedia applications, individuals with limited knowledge of microcomputers can compose their own material and distribute it on floppy disks, zip disks, CD-ROM, or publish it on the World Wide Web. The project provides users with a selection of songs from North Africa. Bedouins, cassettes and technologies of popular culture. This attitude towards the language is common throughout the region, including every sociopolitical class. For decades government and political leaders have invested tremendously in an effort to Arabize the masses.

The family members in Morocco could share with the emigrant in Europe their activities, including religious ceremonies and family celebrations. A doctor living in amaigh capital Algiers moves back to the Kavyle capital, but his wife asal not stand the new life in a Berber society away from the busy Algiers. Amazigh Voice, 3 2 Within Morocco cassette recorders facilitated communication between men and women who found themselves locked behind the doors of their homes.

The music stalls lining the street to the bus station blare out a cacophony of competing songs The new technologies are impacting the knowledge and attitudes of individuals, both affirming cultural identity and developing a cosmopolitan perspective in a way that will spread through society. With the new developments in computer communication technology and interactive media, Imazighen established themselves both nationally and internationally as a distinct cultural group and called for the implementation of Thmazight in the school curriculum and mass media.

Mountains forgotten by God: Given that Imazighen were divided and isolated regionally as subgroups such as Riffians, Shluh, Twareg, and Kabilseach assumed that their problems were local and did not have any significance to others.


Berber Media: Tamazight Radio & TV Stations:

Second, it discusses how modern technology is amplifying cultural safeguards, such as folklore, music, and some print media. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Linguists and sociologists studied Amazigh society, language, and culture. In songs, human society is portrayed and everyday experiences are reflected. International Social Science Journal, 31 Thus Arabic became the official language of most Islamic countries.

Does learning to read in a second language always put the child at a disadvantage? The Imazighen meaning “free people” are commonly referred to in the West as Berbers, but I prefer to use their own name for themselves.

Two years later however, the Amazigh attitude towards the movie changed drastically. This approach is contrary to the traditional sociolinguistic view that considers a language and its speaking community in isolation from constantly emerging forces such as communication technology, including print, analog and digital media, and especially the latest telecommunication systems: As he was flying home, an Amazigh saw him and reminded him, “We haven’t received any language yet.

Using HyperStudio, students are able to produce hypermedia projects that incorporate sound, graphics, video, scanned pictures, and several additional features. See the following image from elkhabar.

Untitled confidential report from personal file. Standard Arabic is held in higher esteem than any other language.

Revitalizing Indigenous Languages

fil, It is the expression that is the most pervasive. As a learning device, songs constitute an opportunity for the exploration of various domains. Given that Arabic is required for the practice of Islam, most Imazighen feel they are Arabs as well, although those who claim to be Moslems are not necessarily Arabs nor do they have to know Arabic.

Maroc Atlas Imlil Luc Viatour 3. The name for the language family is Thmazight. Tifinagh, 2 The illiterate emigrants in Europe found the audiocassette recorders useful in corresponding with their family members.

A history of struggle and self-expression. The VCR and the challenge of the missionary With the availability of VCR’s in the region, a group of missionaries from “Frontiers” and “Wycliffe Bible Translators” seized the opportunity to sponsor the translation and the dubbing of Jesus’ Filma feature production narrating the life of “Jesus Christ” according to the Gospel of Luke.


Radio Zuwarah FM Instead of paying a stranger to write for them a letter to their families in Morocco, emigrants could now simply push a button and talk to the audiocassette recorder. Journal of Fllm Policy, 9 1 Qanun At Ali u Herzun. Consequently, several projects aiming at teaching and learning Thmazight have been xmazigh in the last four years. Eventually, they all left, except for the Arabs. At first Hypercard was amazighh and fiilm and very limited in terms of its capabilities.

Mass Media and Amazigh (Berber) Identity

Morocco, according to the constitution, is an “Arabo-Islamic nation. North African countries, including Morocco, are considered today to be an integral part of the Arab World. Loudspeakers are used to make sure the entire town is celebrating. Both authoring applications allow users to develop interactive programs including text, graphics, sound, and links to video players, without computer programming.

A few years later, HyperCard gave rise to HyperStudio, a similar application but very easy to use.


Apology, playing videos requires enabling javascript. Problems began to appear, and so the saga continues. A quien pertenece Marruecos. Unpublished master’s thesis, Ohio University, Athens.

The politics of adjustment in Morocco. Owing to their political and geographical position, the Imazighen have been invaded by Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, and Europeans.

For such reasons, although it is the most popular language and spoken by most Moroccans, it has no chance to be either an official or a national language.

The show aims to educate and entertain children and teenagers, via five episodes: