Must for Asterix fans. He sneaks out of the siege and comes to Armorica and the little Gaulish village seeking help. Ancient obelisks are monolithic, that is, they consist of a single stone, though this technological capacity exists today, most modern obelisks are made of several stones, some, like the Washington Monument, are buildings. My letter to Buck Henry, the screenwriterand his answer scan of the original letter – interesting as a basis for a discussion or as an assignment in a test etc How dumb can you get? The animals specific name scrofa is Latin for sow, the earliest fossil finds of the species come from both Europe and Asia, and date back to the Early Pleistocene. The potion barrel is destroyed by the Romans one of the few successes they have during the whole of the series, which is a nice change of pace but Asterix pretends he’s able to make the potion again, using some leaves that he took from Getafix actually tea leaves, so they add to the hot water than most Britons drink, ergo having Asterix “invent” the tea that Britain drinks! The sheriff against 3 bad guys – a remarkable showdown with solutions Language Practice:

Released from prison after 5 years b. Paperback , 48 pages. The story is set during the Roman Empire, so it makes sense to be in Latin. As an 8-year old kid I liked it because the characters were engaging, the story was fun, and the art was very colourful. Feb 09, Dylan Hearn rated it it was amazing. Quiz with solutions Detour 2: Monk and his new room-mate Captain Stottlemeyer – and why they do not get along with each other with solutions Mr.

Monk Gritannien to Mexico season 2, episode 2: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Life of Brian Monty Python Watching the film: Although they usually simply insult each other verbally they inevitably make up swiftly, sometimes, Obelix can be so paranoic over the allusion of the word Fat that he can even break the fourth wall with the mere mention of this.


The druid priest of the Village, Getafix, brews a potion that grants superhuman strength. Chicken Run Hennen Rennen Grammar for a change: You can easily have students watch, enjoy, and analyse the first part of the film in English with English subtitles after only 3 years of learning English Here is a link to a description of the sketch I wrote at Wikipedia under my user name Bernie Wadelheim.

A Jolly good book, old chap! So I’m not able to read it in my sleep yet. There is not even any trace of these language, however we do know that they buried their dead and had the skills to grow cereal, farm im make pottery, stone tools. Fully grown males are solitary outside the breeding season.

Anticlimax is Asterix’s cousin “once removed” a nomenclature which confuses Obelix no end from England, who is in Gaul to seek Asterix’s help for his village, which is still holding out against Caesar. With the exception of S. You have been invited to be one of the few who can watch a movie before it is officially released.

The kids saying the prayer at the Moore River Settlement – with interpretation notes britannieen technique: The pyramid and obelisk might have inspired by previously overlooked astronomical phenomena connected with sunrise and sunset. Analysing the 2 exposition scenes of the film: The best part was when he gets drunk. Sie schicken mir eine emailin der Sie diese nennen z.

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Also, if you buy the book you will get all those 15 worksheets below for free, plus another bundle of your choice. The Green Mile see also novel Exposition I: The lads return home after a feast, the end! I’ll have to admit it: Kick it Like Beckham Watching the film for the first time: Jan 05, Nick rated it really liked it Shelves: I feel enchanted about my little share.


Its closest wild relative is the pig of Malacca and surrounding islands. When he does understand the allusions are made on his behalf he flies into a rage, sometimes, when he is in a bad mood, just hearing the word fat—even if it is not in reference to him—can quickly enrage him.

Oct 18, Tim Roast rated it really liked it. If you don’t like this Asterix volume, there is no hope for you; if you haven’t read any yet, though, you might want to start elsewhere, because most of the rest of it isn’t quite this good. It also features an appendix for English teachers.

Asterix und Cleopatra: Cleopatras Milchbad – video dailymotion

He also has little interest in subjects of education or intellectual pursuits, since sheer strength usually solves his problems. Which words rhyme with back?!

Students are supposed to find out the names – and they should be able to find out why the pronunciation of Staten Island is very tricky with solutions Partner work: How about a taster offer? Asterix of Gaul is a famous comic book britamnien, most notable to me because his adventures are available in Latin. A cute and very touching scene: I loved the Rugby match!