But the scope of Shehr e Zaat’s script was perhaps beyond these trivial matters.. It’s like their hell-bent on making life harder for themselves because: Yeah she is a beauty Masha’Allah. There’s another one called “Shinaakht” which is also pretty decent. Mannu, Jeena, Jameel, and Salahuddin for making the world a better place for us. Watching Mera naseeb after being recommended.

Watching Mera naseeb after being recommended. Sorry if it has been posted previously. Haha yup – that’s the one. Sanam Jung’s acting is decent and Imran Abbas I feel is doing good. Very realistically depicted mother daughter relationship. I think the fact that they have started dramatising our own little secret hypocracies like this is a great step at portraying the problematic or conflictual areas, and an apt social will response will slowly but surely move in to rectify such anamolies. Your taste in women is very out there. I have seen him in multiple dramas.

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For example, in the episode I saw, you can see Mahira Khan on the roof of a rustic house and there is a beautiful old drekh overlooking the setting. But the scope of Shehr e Zaat’s script was perhaps beyond these trivial matters. Decent drama Thinking of starting Daam now.

Alvida on Episode 8 now, really has started to become a good drama. She I thought was an amazing actress yet her role was shackled by the righteousness that our TV shows have to have epidode avoid controversy.

The boy’s biological father was one Muhammad Siddiq, a charlatan of the highest or lowest order. What a brilliant drama and what a brilliant way to bring the topic of child abuse into notice.

I think things are coming to a head, finally. Alvida is moving at a super fast pace though. It gets little slow in the beginning however picks up real nice. Lol, you are right. I mean her and her acting Anyway, off the top of my head, some dramas that I’ve enjoyed were: Watch aunn qnsuni she’s done a great job in it as wife.


Ansuni Drama 1 Episode HD Download

Haha Yes, story of 2 sisters, right? Doesn’t seem to pursuing it full time though, so she may still be writing for the Wall Street Journal. Also demands for pakistani dresses have increased too.

You can watch Alvida. If you want to wet your appetite, give Ghoonghat a try. Ansnui, not all dramas are the same tacky corny crap, few of them are pretty good. It touches very sensitive topics tbh, and that’s make him a very special and change drama. Yes Udaari – that’s the one.

Ansuni Drama 1 Episode Download

Two very different roles and look at the way he is acting, brilliant! I think that remains the finest Pakistani drama I have ever seen to date. Watch good dramas, and am sure you will change your view: And “Do saal ki aurat” too. Been watching it since it first aired. It is based in the rural areas of Pak, and focuses on child marriage, and how a 7 or 8 year old girl deals with rape.

Was watching a show 2 days back, where the wife’s mom stays at her in laws, and she was accusing the kids of the family of hiding her quraan shareef, so that they can watch TV. Our society, like all other societies, is intricately layered and is still in an evolving phase, imo. Im half way through to kaafir too. Any new drama on the block worth watching? Shehr-e-zaat is a decent show but sadly Mahira Khan lets her character down even though she gives the best performance of her acting career.

I mentioned Doraha in my list of all-time favorites in recent times. Like the drama specially Hamayun Saeeds acting. I’d have to find it – wrote it all the way back in first year, but it got me a 90 so Sanam Saeed is good too.


I’m all for shedding light on society’s issues and taboos but when that’s the only thing happening around the clock and that too executed poorly, ends up for some very poor viewing.

Alvidaaaaaaaaaaaaa eh dil, Alvidaaaaaaaaaaaaa eh dil, Alvidaaa Alvidaaa Alvidaaa eh dil. He is shown only briefly and doesn’t have a major role to play, besides of course having fathered the boy and divorced the boy’s mother and seduced the girl’s mother. I like Udaari, people are not comfortable and it’s not easy to watch with family but these kind of topics are MUST to raise awareness, children must be aware what’s unacceptable especially around relatives and neighbourhood.

Watching An kahi now. One of the best comedy telefilms I have seen, starring Bushra Ansari. Not even Sana Javed is enough for me to sit through that show and I watched Goya for her!

I’m obliged to watch Sadqay Tumharey because the lead actor is a friend, and the lead actress is a sight for sore eyes.

List of Pakistani dramas I have watched: I sometimes come across Pakistani dramas while my mum is watching them. Nauman Ejaz gave one of the best acting performances I’ve ever seen in that show and it’s a show that has a lot snsuni substance.

Don’t find her that attractive tbh. I’m watching Dil E Muztar. Who even watches those crappy Indian shows?! Sonia Rehman is absolutely gorgeous. But no match for Mannu’s brilliance: Hence, I personally judge Pakistani dramas less by its script and more by its drqma, direction, presentation etc.