I think the emotion gets conveyed through her quivering voice especially, which doesn’t match her character as it was originally presented. The most accurate way is to pronounce each syllable with the same amount of stress, which is why it then sounds odd in the English dub because we don’t usually speak that way. See the stickied comment for the link to the trailer. That’s such a powerful line. Time for some anime! Do yourself a favor once you finish watching the dub, read the manga from IIRC chapter 32 to the current chapter. What I did was as soon as I finished watching the sub, I read the manga starting from the beginning. Le manga is way bettur.

Theres a flamewar between Translator s and Editor and i just want to watch it without being part of their mess.. Stopped watching FT season 2 since like Three cheers for the full opening! When will the series end? The script certainly changes the intent behind certain lines but not necessarily the personalities of the characters. The hype and the scenes were so amazing that I don’t even pay attention to the type of bgm.

Mikasa is supposed to be MI kasa, with the emphasis on the first syllable. Found episode 2 https: Of course, other sources also exist that may be region specific.

Looks like i missed a Great Anime last year. If one is accustomed to watching anime dubs, this series has its own source of enjoyment via the voice actors themselves.

Can’t wait for next HYPE day: Glad their kid days are over now, so perhaps I’d be more accepting towards the metaphors and similes But i guess all that “are you really shinichi or something: Long haired Natsu tottaly looks better than normal Natsu http: But I was able to pick up on Annie.



I was trying to remember the name of a character, and lo and behold, a spoiler right on the top of the wiki And he’s going to kill them all. The artwork in the beginning chapters was nothing special especially in comparison to the anime which is amazingly done but Hajime Isayama really improves as the manga goes on.

Submit a new link. I didn’t see any reruns set in the listings which was kinda frustrating. The animewacfles is, however, that the review concludes itself saying that the script only “occasionally” betrays character intent and still rated it very highly. The rest are not important, but can be enjoyed regardless without risk of spoilers if you are caught up to the latest episode of the anime.

[English Dub Spoilers] Attack on Titan Episode 2 Dub Discussion : ShingekiNoKyojin

Her quavering voice makes her sound like she’s about to start crying. But Murano will still be an annoying broken record for some time after this ep. Attakc think we should light a fire under J. Don’t look at the wiki for it either. In the August issue of Gong Kakutogi Magazinehe said that he doesn’t want to expand the story any further than his current plan.

This is actually my first time watching AoT. The only really bad thing in this arc was Erza’s battles imo, and that’s coming from an Erza fanboy, otherwise I’ve enjoyed it Aldnoah Zero: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on Maria.


Such a great line, I have no clue why they changed it, because they really just made him say the same thing but in a longer and less impacting way. Nozo x Kimi ep. Opening was indeed quite meh of Tokyo Ghoul, but i guess pretty much a lot of people skip it after watching it once anyway: The choice is up to you.

Dat intro with Ononoki in maid costume. That was a rushed scene in both mangu and animu, obvious, but I don’t like morono anyway: However, this estimate is now outdated. Also, even though I’m already well aware of what happens in the show as well as the episodw without having seen most of the former, I’ll still enjoy watching just how events play out. Why does the new chapter say the next won’t be for two months? That’s really sad to read: So members see you as the face for putting videos like these up.

Just checked out just how bad the new animewwffles was cuz I was hearing alot of rumors.

But they seem to have overpowered him a bit in the animu as he didn’t have to resort to kiseijuu-form even.