I just took it be his own acting style. Whatever the reason for ending it, is not acceptable. Ratu Zuirman 13 June at You may be interested to look at these posts too: I just do not understand how Mine, after loving Sinan for so long and having his child could suddenly be all in love with Timur. Who shot Sinan, and who is the mother? Why didn’t Sinan have friends to check Mine for him? In any case, it must be a warning indication of whether the show is complete or not.

The weather rainy and cool Unknown 13 October at Jungkook I agree, and what was with all her getting drunk with Timur as if that was the only way for her to fall for him again I bet the writers had to can it because of current politics Did he meet his ex and encourage her to appear to teach Mine a lesson? Well said, what does a grown man want with a 17 year old anyway. The cast of actors were amazing.

She matured herself and realized her priorities. I am watching this for the first time, and I am already disappointed after reading comments, that this series either ended abruptly, or not the way that we would have liked it to end.

Rosangelly 10 August at Unknown 22 February at And I think she went back to Timur out of guilt. Image search is one of the main sources for users to get pictures.

Ahbabto Tifla Season 2 Youtube

I have some memories of Timur helping Sinan with new problems with Demir, and am under the impression that Timur gives up upon Mine after realizing she is still really in love with Sinan. I’ve even learned some Eoisode words. Unknown 19 September at Sad, about sinan and Mine.


Another Turkish disappointment for me!


I agree also with Rosangelly that Sinan’s was the purest most mature love. I think he was perfect in the role. And the ending as it is, 22 chooses Timur and his ex shows up at the wedding. We never even saw her.

For example The girl that i flnal, lovebirds kept one guessing. Unknown 13 January at The plots were well done but I could do without the crazy irritating brother. She enjoys the thrill of the hunt and torture, not the kill.

Ahbabto Tifla Season 2 Youtube –

I loved this drama, excellent on so many levels. We enjoyed watching this series but the last 78th episode was a little disappointing in that it prepared the ground for a second season that was never made. She came back to him because she realized she loved him.

So much more enjoyable. But I think I will ahbabot my own ending for all the characters in 1 piece of paper, then read it before going to bed 1 night and that will be the end of my disappointment The following is a keyword list associated with Ahbabto Tifla Season 2 Youtube.

Mine should have had a sexual relationship with Timur and should have been a few weeks pregnant when Sinan came back into her life.

Also looks like they did not get married we don’t see Timur saying Yes. Loved the little boy who played Hassan he was adorable. episodde


Since it was film in I hope they make a season fonal where Mine and Sinan finally become one! I just finished the 79 episodes on Netflix and could not be any more disturbed!! Seaxon Sinan live after he is shot? Why have they left it incomplete with so many questions.

He is very possessive and obsessed with young Mine. He’s a total annoyance and took up too much screen time. Sinan looked like he had an alien head.

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For Derin, she would not kill Sinan because she would want him to suffer which is what she said to him when she called after her escape. Timur is sick and the ex wife is like him,a psychopath. I rolled my ahbanto at his constant need to talk to or see her. Unknown 11 August at But I think that the one that shot Sinan was his own father.

I totally agree with you!

If Mine married Sinan and showed us them in 20 or 40 or 60 years from now Why was Memo in Mime’s house during her bridal ahabto Why is Derin n Emine still alive- kill them instead!

Beth 2 September at